Elemental Affinity

Elemental Affinity is a custom template applied to characters in the Mesiterra campaign setting. It is not a requirement, but as explained in the Primer for Season One, many if not most inhabitants of Mesiterra have an elemental affinity, chosen when he or she came of age. Keep in mind that elemental affinity is applied in addition to a character’s alignment or devotion to a particular deity, but it may influence a character’s alignment.


The vast majority of the surface of Mesiterra is covered by water, and it is integral to the livelihood of millions of her inhabitants. The fishermen of the coasts and islands know the terrifying power of the sea better than anyone else, but they also know that the sea brings life. Followers of the path of water believe that energy flows in and out of the self much as the tides flow up and down, the constant heartbeat of the world. Those with an affinity to water tend to be perceptive and compassionate.

  • Alignment: Any. Water followers tend towards neutrality, seeking balance in the natural flow of energy through the world.
  • +1 on Heal and Sense Motive checks.
  • At 5th Level: +1 on Spot and Listen checks.
  • At 10th Level: 1/day, create water, as the spell, caster level 3rd.


A look at the rocky shores and craggy islands of Mesiterra shows the constant struggle between Earth and Water. Where water is free-flowing, earth is hard and unyielding. Where water is about finding paths, earth is about establishing ideals. Followers of earth are known for being stubborn, but they are also famous for their resolve and unflinching morals. They tend to be courageous and honorable.

  • Alignment: Any non-chaotic. Earth followers tend strongly towards lawfulness, and even those of neutral alignments follow their own personal ideals to the best of their abilities.
  • +1 on Concentration and Survival checks.
  • At 5th Level: +1 on Fortitude and Will saving throws.
  • At 10th Level: 3/day, resistance, as the spell, caster level 3rd.


Without Fire, there would be no Earth, and the volcanoes scattered over the lands of Mesiterra kindle the ongoing drama between earth and fire. But while fire is a great power to create, it also holds terrible destructive potential. Fire is quick and unpredictable, and can be incredibly difficult to control. Followers of fire can be intensely emotional, making them terrifying at times, and loyal friends or lovers at others. Those with an affinity to fire tend to be free-spirited and confident.

  • Alignment: Any non-lawful. Fire followers tend to be unpredictable and effervescent, favoring chaotic neutral over all other alignments.
  • +2 on Intimidate skill checks.
  • At 5th Level: +2 on Escape Artist skill checks.
  • At 10th Level: 1/day, flaming sphere, as the spell, caster level 3rd.


Air is the most mysterious of the four elements that control the flow of energy on Mesiterra. Invisible and insubstantial yet frighteningly powerful, air is seen by many to be the domain of dragons, where members of the chosen should not dwell. For those who do feel an affinity to Air, the path to understand this element will dominate the courses of their lives. Known as Air Mystics, followers of air spend their lives searching for a state of enlightenment called soren. Unlike followers of the other three elements, the lives of Air Mystics revolve around their elemental affinity, they frequently disappear for years at a time on pilgrimages to distant corners of Mesiterra. Air Mystics tend to be serene and disciplined, but they are also known for their easy smiles and kind words.

  • Classes: The lifestyle of the monk is perfectly suited to the spiritual journey of an air mystic, as is the self-sufficiency of a ranger. Air Mystics don’t follow the paths of clerics or paladins, as this would come into conflict with their own deeply personal spiritual voyages.
  • Alignment: Any. Though Air Mystics tend to be good, the winds can be destructive and evil at times. Like the winds themselves, Air Mystics run the gamut of alignments.
  • +1 on Balance and Tumble skill checks.
  • At 5th Level: +2 on Search skill checks.
  • At 10th Level: 1/day, feather fall, as the spell, caster level 3rd.

Elemental Affinity

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