Gavia Styx

Half-elf on a mission


Gavia Styx (Styx preferred) was raised the recognized, but illegitimate daughter of the human Pythakran “Pike” Styx, the head of a thriving lumber and shipbuilding enterprise, and the beautiful air-spirited elf, Essendra Acanthis. She was born in Kushis, then raised in her father’s house on the coast, in Pont, where she took to freelance scout work rather than the pencil-pushing mercantile existence.

Turns out, Styx was found as an infant on the shores of <some name="true"> by Pike and Essendra. The current leading hypothesis to her origins is that Styx is the daughter of the goddess Lethe and the dragon deity, <what>.
Which makes her the half-sister of Ouranos, handsome-half-elf-to-the-war-lord-maximum.

Gavia Styx

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