Chloë Shahara

She was in the party, until everyone found out she was working for Ouranos.


Waiting on the docks, leaning casually on her longspear, is a relatively short, thin, albino woman. Her red eyes flash as she looks up at you, and her spiky boyish hair shines bright white in the hot afternoon sun. She wears baggy red cotton knickers and a cropped leather vest, and her arm, shin, and stomach are tattooed with wide black bands. As she slings her pack over one shoulder, you notice the long curve of a katana sheathed on her back. She puts her fist on her heart, in a greeting common among those of the fire affinity, and says, “You look like a couple of adventurers in need of a good sword hand. It’s just your luck that the hand, which be offering, is mine. The name’s Chloë.”

Class: Fighter
Affinity: Fire
Alignment: Neutral Evil


She’s working as a special agent for Ouranos. Her main goal, as far as the party knows, is to help him awaken the chromatic dragons. She distracted Solen and Cyrith while Ouranos kidnapped Mora.

Chloë Shahara

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