Mesiterra: Age of Heroes

What the frak is going on in Mesiterra?

It’s the summer of 1391 in Mesiterra, and everything kind of sucks. This guy Ouranos started a big war 15 years ago. Says he’s the big hero who is going to liberate the half-elves. He’s gone and conquered most of the world at this point, except for a few pockets that have managed to hold up against him. One of these is Zilos, home of the sea elves, where a cleric of Saha named Solen sails in from Elysia—an island somewhere out west that’s run into some trouble. He’s doing his cleric thing when knight from the Order of Atalantus—they’re the paladins and between them they have a whole bag of chips on their shoulders—gives him a hard time about leading a congregation of people, so Solen creates two gallons of water in the knight’s helmet. That goes over well. Solen runs. A gnome with PTSD is following from a distance, keeping to the rooftops and back alleys, because he wants to find out who this guy is. The knight corners them, Cyrith joins the fray. The guy ends up laughing at them and handing them a flyer. Some hermit up in the mountains is advertising a quest.

After gathering some information, Solen and Cyrith head off for the northern part of Zilos. Along the way some chick robs them. Then they get their stuff back and give her some food and clean water. How nice. Eventually they get to this hut in the mountains. Inside there’s this bald guy named Tomir, and this albino girl named Chloë. Tomir explains that he wants them to wake up the dragons, says it’s the only way to defeat Ouranos. Chloë is a fighter, she’ll help. She smiles, or something.

Cyrith and Solen and Chloë make tracks south to Huru. Along the way they stop at a little island and some tough guys try to kill Solen and Cyrith before being entangled in ectoplasm. Something about a spider’s eye. Just off the coast they get to a place called Ocean Castle. Seems deserted. They see a little girl running along the top of the cliffs, then she disappears, and Solen and Cyrith get scared. They decide to go explore the castle. They fight the hummus golem and some zombies and lots of spiders. They see the creepy little girl again. She has no face. Then this big spider scares everyone right out of their bodies. When Cyrith and Solen come to, Chloë is nowhere to be found. But they have problems of their own. Cyrith is a little girl, for some reason, and Solen is a creaky fisherman, probably as old as his own dad. They don’t have much time to reflect on this though because the village is being attacked. Cyrith wields a kitchen knife and Solen takes up a quarterstaff and they go help fight off the invasion. After the battle is over, they find out that one of the soldiers is Solen’s girlfriend Moashi. Solen gets pissed off. She’s not sure why this old fisherman is so mad at her. Then realizes that it’s Solen. Weird. They have a fight, then they kind of make up. They decide to travel south together to gather information or something although we all know they just wanted to grind for XP.

Along the way they run into this friendly drow who is hard at work poisoning her arrows. Says her name is Mora, and she’s been banished from her city. Cyrith’s little girl antics make her smile. They all pay a short visit to Ru’Ox, the main city on Huru, but Mora waits outside. Then everyone borrows a boat and heads back to Ocean Castle.
They fight their way through the castle and eventually run into Chloë, who isn’t doing too well, but at least she has her body. Solen heals her. They all go fight the boss spider together and Cyrith and Solen get their bodies back. Mora is a little weirded out that Cyrith is actually a gnome.

Meanwhile a half-elf named Styx is having a very bad week. She was guarding a ship of refugees as they made their way from Ostia to Zilos when they were boarded by some group who call themselves the “Freedom Fighters.” They heard there was a half-elf on the ship, and they demand that the captain hand her over. Styx puts up a good fight but she’s outnumbered and nobody seems to want to help her. Rough. They load her up on their boat and smack her every time she gives them any sass, which is pretty frequent. By the time they decide to take a break at Ocean Castle, she’s barely standing.

Solen and co. meanwhile are preparing to leave the castle when this adventuring party comes barging in through the doors, dragging the bound and half-conscious Styx with them. Knowing injustice when they see it, SoCyMoMoCh proceed to mop the floor with the Freedom Fighters. Styx passes the frak out. She comes to when Solen heals her, but she missed most of the battle. She doesn’t really trust anyone but Mora is nice so she decides to stick with her. Everyone is tired to they camp out on the beach near the boats. Cyrith and Mora have a moment before bed. Chloë’s sudden but inevitable betrayal happens in the middle of the night, when she kidnaps Moashi and runs away down into the big hole in the middle of the castle. Solen is freaking about so he heads into the cave, followed by Styx. Then Mora and Cyrith go down.

They find Moashi, who is now a dragon, and is upset. Chloë is long gone. Everyone hurries back to the castle, Mora and Cyrith explore some caves along the way, Styx and Solen ride Moashi. Innuendo flies. Chloë escapes. The party decides to head to Ru’Ox to resupply and then get on with their lives. They head to the town. Chloë is waiting there, with her employer. Solen and Cyrith get a good look at Ouranos before he teleports to the boat to interrupt friend time with Mora and Styx. Ouranos captures Mora and peaces out. Solen and Cyrith knock Chloë out and steal her stuff, then they head back to the boat, where Cyrith throws a tantrum and immediately decides to sail straight to Nisyros.

The party runs into trouble with the blockade on the way to Nisyros, and they mercilessly kill some lawful good paladins. Then they get smart and head south. They come across a death ship, which Solen decides he will explore. He finds Mora’s goggles and a map of Mt. Avel Prison. Finally getting some clues, they start sailing east. They come across a little island where they find this guy named Adan, who says he’s Chloë’s brother, and is actually really racist against half-elves. The party (sans Adan) has a Difficult conversation with Adan’s half-elf servant girl, who says that she supports Ouranos, and anyone else who wants to make the lives of half-elves better. Then they all keep heading east. Cyrith and Styx have this weird dream together where they see Mora and Chloë, and when they wake up Cyrith has this weird teardrop-shaped gemstone hanging on a cord around his neck. Styx remembers Ouranos wearing one just like it and she freaks out, but Cyrith can’t take it off.

They keep sailing. Eventually they reach a really small island, with one person living on it. She’s the archmage Caeliel. Caeli is like a gazillion years old but she looks like a little kid. She lets everyone stay in her hobbit hole, and helps Cyrith take off the gem. And oh yeah, now Cyrith can see auras. Caeli tells everyone about this big scary thing she calls Nibirim, then that night there’s a hug storm and Chloë and Ouranos show up. Caeliel takes on Ouranos, and the party suffers some collateral from the huge wizardfight. Meanwhile they sink Chloë’s clockwork to the bottom of the ocean. Caeliel sends Ouranos packing. Adan makes them not kill Chloë and everyone takes a little rest. When they wake up Adan and Chloë have left and they took Mia. Solen says, “Nooooooooooooooooo!”

Caeliel makes her island move, and delivers the party to Mt. Avel. She says buh-bye. The party heads to the back door of the prison, but their plan doesn’t work and they end up fighting their way through the dungeon and meeting this Kazar guy and inciting a prison riot. They find Mora in a pleasant, brightly lit room in the tower. Too bad the light has caused her to go blind. And oh yeah, Ouranos is riding on a dragon. Solen craps his pants and runs. Cyrith dimension doors Styx and Mora to the bottom of the tower. Meanwhile there’s a full blown riot going on and the prison is collapsing and there’s lava. Everyone runs a lot, and they end up in the Underdark.

They travel for a week in the dark, eating synthesized cleric food and getting damp and uncomfortable, but eventually they get to Numora, the great city of the drow. They sneak around because Mora is technically banished, and they run into Styx’s mom, Essendra. She calls Styx “Gavia” and tells her she’s adopted. Meanwhile Kazar shows up and says someone in his city should be able to restore Mora’s vision. Everyone decides to head to Kidon so they can help Mora. But after they travel a little bit, they find that the way is blocked by the flooded Mines of Vinkesh. Mora says she’ll stay in Garu—the city of gnomes—for now. Cyrith thinks she’s dumping him.

[and then we randomly didn’t play for like a month…]

After Solen gives them the ability to breathe underwater Cyrith, Solen, Kazar, and Styx hurry through the Mines using the absolute quickest possible route, after they take some damage and trigger some traps on a couple of detours. They do find some teleport stones though. Eventually they make it to the top, where there is a black dragon waiting for them. They fight. Styx tries to take the dragon out on a suicide tactic, but Solen beats her to it. The dragon dies. So does Solen. Cyrith and Styx hold hands and cry. They wash up on the shores of Vinkesh, west of Kidon. They are secretly healed, and they each have a moment to remember Solen. Then they walk to the city. Along the way, Styx sees a wolf. Weird. They catch some rabbits and their delicious cooking attracts the rash but friendly rogue Treya, who calls Kazar her uncle. She helps lead them to the city’s secret entrance.

In Kidon, they meet the "Pillars"—the leaders of the dwarven resistance—who want to wake up the dragons and use them to fight Ouranos. Styx and Cyrith aren’t so sure this is a good idea anymore. Kazar says he’ll deal with the Pillars. Everyone splits up. Styx takes magic lessons from Mirin, then she gets a message from Cyrith saying that Chloë is in town. Sounds like she means business too. The party reconvenes. Styx notices some elf has been following her around. Said elf goes and turns himself into a tree. The party decides their first priority is getting Mia back. They meet a halfling named Lad who is kind of a badass. Cyrith dimension doors to the boat and gets ambushed by a clockwork. Everyone else heads towards the top of the waterfall. Styx attacks Adan, and a big battle ensues. Chloë dies.

Mirin shows up with some food, and an iguana named Lucius that seems pretty attached to Styx. Lad says he’s going to stay here for a while. Styx, Cyrith, Treya, and a seagull sail north. The seagull reveals himself as Garion as the party is trying to figure out where to go, and he suggests they head to Musea—where he lived for a while. Sounds good enough. They set a course for Musea.

But on the way, they see some alarming things. A colossal, black-aura’ed dragon sleeping just beneath the surface of the sea; thousands of Ouranos’ troops swarming over the nearest island; and Ouranos himself, sailing straight for the dragon. Then things get complicated, when Styx teleports onto the deck of Ouranos’ boat…


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